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Drink the Rainbow – The Benefits of Purple Tea



Why settle with only eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies when you could be drinking it too? Give your body an extra boost with Kabaki Kenyan Purple Tea–an exciting new better-for-you varietal that packs more antioxidants than even green and black tea.

Kabaki crafts their teas from richly-hued purple tea leaves that are naturally imbued with anthocyanin and polyphenol antioxidants. These are two of the most researched natural compounds in the prevention of cancers, brain diseases, and heart disease!

With each restorative bottle, you can raise a toast to your health while also helping bring accessible healthcare to Kenyan farming communities.

Sip-worthy Facts about Kabaki & Purple Tea:
• Packed with more potent antioxidants than green or black tea
• Boosts the immune system
• Supports cell health and brain function
• Provides natural energy
• Low in caffeine
• No chemical preservatives
• Non-GMO Certified
• Fair trade
• Crafted from ingredients grown using organic and sustainable practices
• Supports healthcare facilities in Naivasha, Kenya
• Certified Minority Owned
• Available in 5 flavors: Unsweetened, Lightly Sweetened, Peach, Raspberry, and Lemon

Kabaki is brewed and bottled in the USA and can be purchased on Amazon and kabakitea.com as well as retailers nationwide. Support the earth, the people who farm it, and your body with Kabaki.

To learn more, visit www.kabakitea.com.