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Keep Up with New Year’s Resolutions! Dr. Scott Stoll of The Plantrician Project

Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll

The Plantrician Project is so desperately needed. Doctors get often only four hours of nutrition education in medical school.  Yet, we go to them for diet/nutritional advice…and they often answer as if they were experts when many are not.

Dr. Scott Stoll, founder of the Plant-based Nutrition Conference, part of the Plantrician Project, joins me to explain why doctors often don’t get the nutritional information needed in medical school and what he is doing to change that. Enter The Plantrician Project!

However, it isn’t just doctors who need good medical info! In this interview, you will receive lots of good medical tips, and  insights and answers to some burning medical question. Is juicing really good for you without the fiber?  Are carbs bad for you? What about fasting? We get into it all-just in time to help you with your on-going new year’s resolutions!

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