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One in Four Americans Are Eating Less Meat

veggie skewers

veggie skewers

One in four Americans are eating less meat for health reasons, according to results from a recent Gallup Poll. Surveyors asked participants in September 2019 if they ate more, less, or the same amount of meat over the last year.

The results showed 23 percent of Americans ate less meat in the past year when compared to their meat intake from the previous year, and only 5 percent reported eating more meat. Women reported eating less meat than men. While 19 percent of white participants reported cutting back on meat, the trend away from meat was even stronger (31 percent) among other races.

Rural and midwestern populations were less likely to reduce their meat intake. In addition to health, other reasons cited for eating less meat included environmental, food safety, and animal welfare concerns. Most Americans reduced their meat intake by eating smaller portions and replacing meat with vegetables. The authors suggest the markets adapt to the increasing demand for plant-based meat replacements.

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