Home Cooking & Recipes First-of-its-Kind Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy to Open in Colorado

First-of-its-Kind Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy to Open in Colorado

Mark Juggle

Mark Juggle

This summer, the Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy will open its doors to students in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado. The Academy will be led by world renowned Chef Mark Reinfeld, a multi award-winning chef and author of eight cookbooks and recent inductee into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame.

The VFCA will train today’s young workforce to be tomorrow’s advocates for the animals in the kitchen and will effect real change by helping turn the world onto ethical, healthy, and delicious recipes.  Gen Z and Millennials, facing a dizzying array of career choice decisions, are now able to align their career ethics with their personal ethics and the Academy allows them to do that and prepares them for careers in the fastest growing segment of the food industry, all in a state-of-the-art kitchen led by some of the most famous names in the vegan movement.

The Academy will have three distinct programs, one for Aspiring Chefs, another for current culinary professionals looking to up their plant-based game, and yet another for passionate home cooks looking to learn fun and informative ways to prepare dishes that are cruelty-free, healthy, and delicious. The key here is that the Academy will benefit a wide range of chefs, which will further expand the number of people cooking cruelty-free, from the professional level all the way down to the home chefs.

VFCA can prepare students, at a fraction of the cost and time commitment as a four year university, for a career in the vegan cooking world. And that isn’t just resigned to becoming a restaurant chef but also careers as personal chefs, corporate chefs, nutritionists, plant-based culinary experts, product chefs, cruise and resort chefs, to name but a few.

Most cooking schools will teach you how to prepare a steak. VFCA prepares its students to take advantage of an ever-expanding array of career opportunities within the plant-based world and is why VFCA is unlike any other culinary academy.