pink soup

Vegan Recipe: Pink Soup

Combining beetroot and coconut milk gives this recipe its pink color. Ingredients, Serves 4 1/2 cup (100 gms) purple cabbage, finely chopped 1/2 cup (100 gms) cabbage,...
bean potato tacos

Sweet Potato, Black Bean Tacos: The Perfect After-School Snack

Back to school? Home chef, Elysabeth Alfano’s got you!  Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos are the perfect after-school snack or easy dinner option.  Just...
easy veggie tacos

Recipe: Easy Veggie Tacos

This recipe for Veggie Tacos comes from Dr. Greger's staff member Ángela and features sautéed corn, onion, mushroom, peppers, and spices, with beans, lettuce...
Lentil Vegetable Burger

Vegan Recipe: Lentil Vegetable Burgers

We love this fiber-rich plant-based burger option alongside the Sweet Corn and Cabbage Salad and the Cucumber, Mango, and Spinach Salad. These are perfect recipes for...
Vegan Carrot Dogs

Vegan Recipe: Carrot Dogs

A perfect swap for hot dogs, try these carrot dogs with your favorite condiments from The Easy Vegan Cookbook by Kathy Hester. For a...
Rainbow Veggie Slaw Wrap

Vegan Recipe: Rainbow Veggie Slaw Wraps

These satisfying wraps make a great portable meal. Wrap them tightly in waxed paper and stash in the refrigerator for a meal on the...
Balsamic Zucchini Sandwich

Vegan Recipe: Balsamic Zucchini Sandwich

This quick sandwich combines the flavors of fresh zucchini sautéed in balsamic vinegar with the creaminess of roasted red pepper and cannellini bean spread. Ingredients,...
pasta salad

Vegan Recipe: Pasta Salad

This low-fat pasta dish is delicious hot or cold. It is prepared with water-packed artichokes (as opposed to oil-packed), which are available in most...
Sweet Potato Tacos

Vegan Recipe: Sweet Potato Tacos in Cabbage Cups

By Chef Katie Mae When I was first making sweet potato tacos, I put them in organic corn tortillas just as you would expect tacos...
Perfect Portobello Burger

Vegan Recipe: The Perfect Portobello Burger

This burger has it all: heartiness from the portobellos, pungency from the garlic, smokiness from the paprika, sweet tanginess from the balsamic vinegar, and...