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Ancient Grains

Are Ancient Grains Healthier?

Ancient wheats like kamut are put to the test for inflammation, blood sugar, and cholesterol control. ?More information: http://NutritionFacts.org and http://www.DrGreger.org and How Not to...
Scott Stoll

Keep Up with New Year’s Resolutions! Dr. Scott Stoll of The Plantrician Project

The Plantrician Project is so desperately needed. Doctors get often only four hours of nutrition education in medical school.  Yet, we go to them...
precut veggies

Are Pre-Cut Vegetables Just as Healthy?

Endotoxins can build up on pre-chopped vegetables and undermine some of their benefits. ?More information: http://NutritionFacts.org and http://www.DrGreger.org and How Not to Die, How Not...
Slow Your Beating Heart watch

Slow Your Beating Heart: Beans vs. Exercise

A cup a day of beans, chickpeas, or lentils for three months may slow resting heart rate as much as 250 hours on a...
child drinking milk

Milk Consumption Is Linked to Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, which typically strikes children and young adults, is an autoimmune disease in which our own immune system attacks and destroys the...
star fruit

Neurotoxicity Effects of Star Fruit

Star fruit contains a neurotoxin known as caramboxin that can cause irreversible brain damage at high enough doses. More information: http://NutritionFacts.org and http://www.DrGreger.org and How...
vegan meal

How A Vegan Diet Can Help Your Body Heal Itself

Some new studies that have come out in the past years make the argument that diet impacts our health in a number of ways....
Soy tofu and tempeh

Soy Freely: Alleviating Fears About This Therapeutic Plant Protein

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood and maligned plant proteins is soy. I hear it in the locker room all the time. Men are...

In Defense of the Potato

Potatoes are at the top of the carbohydrate list with about 90% of the calories from appetite-satisfying carbohydrates. Beef, fish, chicken, butter and olive...
mark chapman

But where do you get your protein?

As a pro vegan bodybuilder, I hear this question so often it has actually become like a punch line. I have been vegan for...