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Brandi Doming

Vegan Diet Helped Cure Husband’s Gout

Brandi Doming is the creator of the blog THE VEGAN 8, which she started after her husband was diagnosed with gout. Switching to a...
Vegan Diets Gut Hormones

Vegan Diet Best for Gut Hormones and Satiety

A vegan diet is best for gastrointestinal hormones and satiety, according to a study published in Nutrients. These hormones help regulate blood sugar, fullness,...
brain loss

Preventing Brain Loss with B Vitamins

One week on a plant-based diet can significantly drop blood levels of homocysteine, a toxin associated with cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Without vitamin...
peanut butter

Is Peanut Butter Good for You?

The standard recipe for peanut butter is pretty simple: peanuts. Yet, different brands may add other ingredients to change flavor, texture, or even alter its nutritional...
Elysabeth and Greger

How Not To Die: Tips from Dr. Greger for your New Year’s Resolutions

Can eating meat cause cancer? Can eating a whole-food plant-based diet decrease depression? For once and for all, Is soy good or bad for...
Engine 2

U.S. News Names Engine 2 in Top 10 Best Diets for 2019

U.S. News and World Report has issued its Best Diets for 2019 and once again Engine 2 was identified as one of the Top...
how to pick veggies

How to Pick Fresh, Ripe Fruits and Vegetables Every Single Time

Most of us know the feeling of buying fruits or vegetables only to find out that they’re either already spoiled on the inside or...
roasted sweet potatoes

Anti-Cancer Potential of Sweet Potato Proteins

Sweet potatoes are not just one of the healthiest and cheapest sources of nutrition; the predominant protein is a type of protease inhibitor that...

Do You Have to Combine Plant Proteins at a Meal?

The myth that plant proteins are incomplete, necessitating protein combining, was debunked by the scientific nutrition community decades ago. More information: and and...
aha study

Vegan Diet Reduces Inflammation More than AHA-Recommended Diet

A vegan diet works better than the American Heart Association-recommended diet for heart disease prevention, according to a study published by the American Heart...