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Pink Grapefruit

Red Is The New Green

Red-hued fruits are rich in antioxidants that can hamper inflammation and can be effective as cancer fighting agents, according to an article in the...

PGA Champion & Sports Nutrition Expert Share Their Pro Snacking Tips

Whether an avid or professional golfer or just aspiring to be one, smart snacking is key to keeping fueled and focused during a round...
Body Ecology Diet book

The Body Ecology Diet Promotes Probiotic Nutrition

Fatigue, headaches, mood swings, weight gain, allergies, joint and muscle pain, inflammation: these are just some of the signs that indicate you may unknowingly...
Las Alamandas massage cabana

The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About

Mexico's exclusive Las Alamandas Resort has linked with the medical practice GetSlim International to bring the phenomenally successful HCG Diet to Las Alamandas. The...
Crazy Sexy Diet book by Kris Carr

Crazy Sexy Diet Promotes Vibrant Health & Happiness

Do you have any idea what it's like to feel blissfully whole and comfortable in your skin? Do you know what it’s like to...
The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

The China Study Reveals the Truth About Nutrition

The science is clear. The results are unmistakable. Change your diet and dramatically reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Respected nutrition and...
Anti-inflammatory foods

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the first response of the immune system to infection or irritation. We are all familiar with the classic signs of inflammation (swelling,...
Autism Diet

Can Diet Help Treat Autism?

Dr. Shauna Young is a believer in the words of German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who related the three steps of truth: “First, it is ridiculed; “Second,...
Kale is the new beef t-shirt

Why Kale is the New Beef

Anti-inflammatory:  Triggered by the consumption of animal proteins including dairy, inflammation is the number one cause of all serious diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease,...
Good nutrition from plant foods

A Dire Need for Common Sense Nutrition

With the many diseases and illnesses man faces today, one wonders how to avoid, prevent, or cure them. Actually, it just boils down to...