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Vegan Magazine reports on the latest news about animal cruelty, factory farming and environmental issues.

Joaquin and calf

Joaquin Phoenix rescues mother cow and newborn calf from slaughter

Less than 48 hours after winning the Academy Award for Best Actor – and his headlining acceptance speech mentioning the plight of mother cows...

Cute Animated Holiday Greeting Has Animal Lovers & Vegans Rejoicing

Pixomondo, a global visual effects company known for winning multiple Emmys for its dragon work on Game of Thrones and an Oscar for Martin...
Elysabeth Alfano and Ingrid Newkirk

Is PETA Extreme? Interview with Founder Ingrid Newkirk

What do Alec Baldwin, Joaquin Phoenix and supermodel Joanna Krupa have in common?  PETA. And, over the years, PETA has stirred up quite a bit...

DARK WATERS Official Trailer, In Theaters Now

DARK WATERS tells the shocking and heroic story of an attorney who risks his career and family to uncover a dark secret hidden by...
V-dog shih tzu

V-Planet Introduces Plant-Based Dog Food to Pet Lovers in New Zealand

V-planet, a leading international dog food company committed to providing 100% vegan products, has announced that dog lovers in New Zealand can now buy...
The Dog Lady of Mexico

One Woman’s Heroic Efforts Save Thousands of Neglected Animals

The dream of a slower-paced life on an idyllic island was shattered the minute Alison Sawyer Current got a glimpse of the neglected cats...
John Paul DeJoria

Interview with Billionaire Philanthropist John Paul DeJoria

It’s a story of the American dream that you maybe didn’t know. In this episode, Elysabeth Alfano interviews John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John...
V-dog shih tzu

V-dog & Veggie Grill Partner to Launch Bottoms Pups Happy Hour

V-dog, a leading national dog food company committed to providing 100% vegan products, has partnered with plant-based fast-casual restaurant Veggie Grill to launch weekend...
Ottawa Film Festival

Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival Announces 2019 Lineup

Today the 2nd annual Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival announced the list of the 26 films that have been selected for nomination for the...
vegan dog

Can Vegan Dogs Live Longer?

Studies like the Blue Zones (places on earth that people live the longest) show that diets focused primarily around plants in terrains that provide...