Zagat top nyc veg restaurants

New York City’s 8 Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Whether you're just dabbling in Meatless Mondays or have gone full-force vegan (perhaps for a New Year's resolution), the Big Apple's restaurant scene has...
Vegas vegan month meal

Vegas Goes Veggie with National Vegan Month

If you think vegan food only consists of brown rice, lettuce and tofu, you’re wrong. These days, vegan options are far from boring. Before...
Kathy Freston vegan

Making Vegan a New Normal

It was a warm California evening in the city of West Hollywood, and Kathy Freston was sipping a martini. “Just because you’re a vegan doesn’t mean...
Chryssie Hynde at Veganburg

Chrissie Hynde Finds the Perfect Vegan Burger

One of the most celebrated rockstars, Chrissie Hynde, went to VeganBurg’s spanking new 4th outlet in Singapore. Chrissie took a short break from her...
Eatonville tofu

Washington DC’s 30 Essential Vegetarian Eats

The Washington Post called on readers to point them to their favorite dishes, this time with one major (dietary) restriction: going meat-free. An avalanche of vegan...
Fresh Mint restaurant Phoenix

Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in the Phoenix area

There's still plenty of Arizona summer left to whip yourself into nutritional and bathing-suit shape. Here are 10 top-notch spots that won't make the...
Auckland's best vegan restaurants

Auckland’s Best Vegan Restaurants

It was the vegan wine that did it. Sure, the menu was a surprise, but when the waiter asked if I wanted vegan wine,...
native foods cafe sandwich

Native Foods Vegan Cafe Opens in Boulder, Colorado

Native Foods is opening dozens of vegan restaurants around the US. For more info, visit
Subway veggie delite

Subway to roll out new line of vegan sandwiches

Subway has expanded its menu to attract more vegan customers. The company says it will begin a limited test of three new vegan sandwiches...
Firefly: Griddled beet cakes with spicy cauliflower

6 San Francisco Restaurants with Vegetable-based Main Courses

Since California is the nation's salad bowl, vegetables often rise to the top of restaurant menus here. Diners can eat very well at most...