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burma spice

New Curries Replace Dietary Supplement Pills with Natural Foods

Burma Spice has launched Burma Spice Wellness curries and teas. This new product line embraces the philosophy that 100% of what our bodies need...
yoga mat

Luxury Yoga Mats Made From Recycled Bottles

As anti-plastic movements are sweeping around the globe; and many US cities now banning single use plastics; there is an estimated 8 million tons...

5 Top Ideas to Keep Your Food Fresh While Traveling

Summer is slowly coming to an end. The time for those amazing road trips and picnics with family and friends will end soon. So...
yoga mat bags

Own A One-of-a-Kind Yoga Bag

Look Inside yoga bags are unique and one-of-a- kind.  No two bags are alike, made by passionate yoga teacher, Lisa Jiminez.  She has been...
Frozen Garden Fusions

Elevate Your Hydration with Frozen Garden’s New Fusions

Frozen Garden, known for its frozen Green Smoothies is expanding beyond its current line to offer consumers a convenient way to infuse their water,...

TeaRiot: A 100% Organic Unprocessed Alternative to Energy Drinks

A study came out that has experts concerned about the health risks of energy drinks. And while consumer preferences have been trending towards health...
partake cookies

Partake in These Allergy-Friendly Cookies So Good Jay-Z Invested in Them

Created in 2016 by founder and CEO Denise Woodard, when her young daughter was diagnosed with food allergies, Partake Foods offers a delicious selection...
meatless farm

Whole Foods Introduces Meatless Farm into 450+ U.S. Locations

The Meatless Farm Co, the plant-based food company known for its meat-free burgers, ground and sausage products— has announced the debut of its meatless...
vegready vegan meal

Introducing VegReady Shelf-stable Plant-based Meals

VegReady meals are ready-to-eat, shelf stable meals that are made with powerhouse ingredients like quinoa, lentils, spinach and ratatouille. They include one main tray,...
Gardein tenders

Gardein Adds New Items to its Plant-Based Line-up

Gardein is answering the growing demand for plant-based food by expanding its line of meat-free dishes, including new items that feature pea and wheat...