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The approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating of diseases. Detox diets, fitness, beauty from the inside out, anti-cancer.

honestly ombre

Honestly Ombré, A Vegan Beauty & Wellness Company in the UK

Honestly Ombré is a vegan and non-toxic beauty & wellness company, with their eco-salon HQ in Old Town, Swindon, about 2 hours west of...

Fun Fitness Findings: How to Take the Monotony Out of Muscle-Building

Does the thought of strength training and muscle building bore you? Perhaps you’re visualizing people at the gym sweating, grunting and spending hours of...
plant protein

5 Plant-Based Foods to Build Leaner Muscles

Vegan living is known for its significant benefits in one’s long-term health. While more and more health-conscious people are now into plant-based nutrition, other...
Run Farther

Ditching Dairy Helps Endurance Athletes

Cardiovascular exercise is generally promoted as a benefit to overall heart health, but as athletes continue to push themselves toward farther distances, they could...

VETREATS, Vegan fitness and yoga retreat company launched

London-based Russell Lee, trainer to the stars, has launched VETREATS, a brand new fitness and yoga retreat company, running breaks in Southern Spain. Rejuvenating fitness, relaxing yoga, delicious vegan food. Malaga 21st -...
Woman Lifting Weights

The Basics of Post-Exercise Recovery Fuel

Athletes hear advice from many well-intentioned people. One of the most common tips is to “eat more protein.” This comes in different forms, from...
Jeff Cody

Interview with Vegan Athlete, Jeff Cody

Jeff Cody is a fitness trainer (@scotiawest_fitness) on Instagram and a strong advocate of living a vegan, plant-based lifestyle. He is also completing a...
Souljourn Yoga

Souljourn Yoga Announces 2019 Retreat Lineup

Souljourn Yoga, a non-profit that arranges retreats and workshops to raise money for girls’ education around the world, announced today their lineup of journeys...
Six Senses Spa

Embrace the Power of Plant-based Living at Puente Romano in Spain

Spain’s exclusive Six Senses Spa, nestled within the luxurious Puente Romano, Marbella, has introduced a new program of plant-based therapies and treatments co-created by...
sneakers water bottle

How Much Should You Exercise?

Physical fitness authorities seem to have fallen into the same trap as the nutrition authorities—recommending what they think may be achievable, rather than simply...